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"Star for a Night" (2001) was my contribution to the g/39 spring fete. I randomly sowed tags into the jumble baring the names of ‘Stars in their eyes’ winners. During the course of the jumble sale people started to question the clothing belonging to the various nametags- a pair of leather trousers, a string vest and a brown cardi all of no fixed gender.
After the jumble sale the clothes left over were taken to Oxfam where they took on a life of their own. There is always the chance though, that one of the Stars in their eyes winners will become famous making that brown cardi an object of posterity.
Making History 3 was a commission for Coed Hills Rural Art Space. (2001) Having thoroughly researched the history of that area I found a quote from a historian that said there should have been a castle built at Coed Hills during the 12 century. I constructed a text panel that inserted a castle into the history of the area.
The Making History project was a public information board that features an in depth history of de Fleur Castle, a place that never was, but could have been. Making History is an ongoing project, the first Making HIstory was an interevntion at Hurst Castle, Hampshire (2000) and the second was a commission for Habitat.(2002)
Exhibition of Unrealised Ideas. This was a project started in 1999 when I invited artists to send me their most fantastical idea on no more than one side of A4. The piece has since been shown In Chapter Art Centre Bar (99) and Rotherham Art Centre (Pictured here) The archive also existed as a website and I made a limited edition of 5 books one of which is now in the library of unpublished books.
Slash and Burn Billboard project. Commissioned by CTA, Cardiff. January 1999.The billboard image is of the area that was under redevelopment behind the boards. Onto the green gate you will see a second image this is the image that would have been behind you prior to the redevelopment. The work is therefore a documentation of a place with a mirror image of the area.