Anecdotal City


Summer 2003

The Website/ Book Launch:

The anecdotal city website and book were launched at Cardiff central library in June 2003. Many of the participants came to launch. To recive a copy of the book email via contact on home page. Books with CD ROM Cost £5.



The Bus Tour:
Various projects were initiated in response to the Anecdotal City project the first being a bus tour of Cardiff that used the stories from the archive as a sound track to literally transcribe narratives back on the city. The tour was made on an open top bus which traversed the suburbs of Cardiff revealing the cities hidden secrets. This was a good way to access to the archive in real time and also made the archive a pyhsical reality. (To see the website click on link on projects home page)
Each passenger was given a bus ticket with a story on the back. The bus tickets were individually made and each passenger had a different story to take away.


Noticeboard, St Davids Centre, Cardiff.

Another intervention made in response to the archive was a large noticeboard placed in a local shopping centre.The noticeboard was designed to look like a community message board in opposition to the clinical shopping centre aesthetic. It was also 8ft tall creating a physical barrier in the middle of the arcade. On one side of the boards excerpts form the archive were placed whilst on the back there was information about local history societies, how to start your own group and things to see in the local area. Shoppers were also invited to borrow a book.


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