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Nutopia A Critical View of Future Cities asks how cities are envisioned, crossing various academic fields and professional practices from cultural theory to ethnography, and from art to sustainable food production. There is no attempt to define what a present or future city should be, nor to claim special insight for any one group of professionals or academics. The intention is to present a plurality of outlooks and observations, often incidental to debates on urban planning and design – on both of which there are extensive literatures. The volume suggests that new insights emerge in the interstices between approaches. The book is not a tool kit for creative cities, then, but an effort to provoke more serendipitous discussion. Some of the chapters are edited versions of papers from a conference, Nutopia, organised by Jennie Savage in Cardiff in April, 2009 (on which a note is appended). Others were added from academic research in progress.

'Fables From a New World' a limited edition artist book made to accompany the exhibition of the same name shown at Oriel Davies.Books are available as part of the exhibition. If you are unable to get to the show but would like a copy please feel free to drop me a line via this site.

'A Circle'- Jennie Savage & James Tyson

This animated short film takes you on a journey through a global city. A city of architectural objects which function as machines for the industry of the twenty-first century: processing capital. A Circle looks into the gaps to discover a human presence reflected in its surface and explores the potential of collapse as a metaphor for questioning what it means to be human; to live within this machine. Voices, reflections and dialogues provide a soundtrack in response to spaces which are conceived visually and rationalised scientifically to maximise consumption yet are presented as a kind of utopia.

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"Depending On time"is situated in a changing landscape during the period of time it takes to construct a new shopping centre. The book takes this period of change as its subject and draws out the narratives, the expectations, the aspirations and the criticism that local people have in the run up to its completion. Through transcribed conversations with small businesses, shoppers, local historians, architects, town planners and developers the book maps the anatomy of the development and traces a the trajectory of consumer culture from the city’s Victorian and Edwardian arcades through to the monolithic mall. Crucially asking the question: Who are cities for?

Depending on time is 152 pages long with full colour print and DVD Rom showing the film, A Million Moments & the audio guide, The Museum of the moment.

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"Nutopia" A newspaper documenting the Nutopia Symposium held in Cardiff in April 2009. The premise of the symposium and the newspaper is to explore and survey the many different possibilities for new - utopia's in the urban realm particularly in relation to contemporary town planning and architecture. Featuring contribted text from delegates and academics attending the symposium, Jill Fenton (QMW), Bas Speiring (University Utrecht), Tom Hall (Cardiff University), Karem Said (American University Cairo), Nell Quest, (Rutgers), Rachel Armstrong (Bartlett School)artists; Sophie Hope, Simon Whitehead & Ben Stammers, Esther Pilkington & Daniel Ladner, and many others. (full symposium listing To recive a copy you will need to send a large letter SAE.



'Concrete : A User's Guide' Using narrative and found 'factual' information the book explores the meaning of concrete as a material. Given the pervasive use of this substance we are all 'users' of concrete, and yet how much do we consider its effects on the lives we lead in, around it. The book began with the question; does concrete refuse narrative? and if so, where do all our stories go.....?

Written by Jennie Savage & James Tyson


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'Auto - Portrait/ Description of a building site' is a collection of words extracted from a series of interviews conducted with the developers, architects, engineers, and people working on site who Landsecurites have employed to develop and build Saint Davids 2, an enormous shopping centre covering one third of Cardiff city centre. Through these interviews I sought to get a sense the practicalities and realities of such an endeavour and also invite the interviewee to reflect on the nature of the building site and what such a development means to the city both socially and culturally.

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'STAR : A Psyco topography of place.' STAR Radio was a project that explored the specificity of a 1 – mile geographic area. By exploring this area in all of its multiplicity the project sought to create a relationship between the micro and the macro; in looking very closely at the specifics of a place one discovers all places, all peoples and in fact, all the world, here.

The realisation of the project came through the construction of a framework which sought to examine STAR as a multi- layered map, or to suggest a multiplicitous reality. The creation of radio programmes plotted points on a virtual map, connecting groups of people, thoughts or ideas to one another- in order to construct a psycho – topography of the area. That is, a map of information which is un-mappable, the local, everyday knowledge which belongs to place and, because of its acute subjectivity and personality, is rarely revealed as ‘information’, it is simply lived knowledge. The project concluded as a Radio broadcast, museum exhibition and a book. The book is both a document of the event and an archive of audio fromt he area. It is priced £15. ISBN 0-9527802-9-1

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'Mapping Publication 04', this publication was made in response to a workshop weekend which I held in my studio in Feb 04. Artists and academics to whom a sense of mapping is central to their practice, were invited to come along and take part in an experimental series of presentations and projects. Participants included: Stefhan Caddick, simon whitehead, Saul Albert, Lottie Child, Ivan Pope, Neil Jenkins, Mike Pearson, Heike Roms, Derek Mcormac, Simon Pope & Phil Babot.

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Nutopia/ envisioning cities – past, present, future.


available 2011

Nutopia/ envisioning cities – past, present, future.

Ed. Malcolm Miles & Jennie Savage

Nutopia brings together contributors from the arts and social sciences to examine a range of ways of envisioning cities today. Authors and artists ask how past images of the city condition present outlooks and future planning; how cities are experienced as well as seen, and how particular ways of seeing influence future projections; and how sustainable, vibrant cities might be produced in future. The book emphasises experiential and material realities over abstract designs and plans, and ranges from the UK and Europe to sites in the majority world. It begins by reading the city as a palimpsest, and concludes with nine points for the democratic determination of future cities.

Gary Anderson, Robert Brown, Paul Chatterton, Anne Marie Culhane, Peter Dunn, Alberto Duman, Steve Garrett, Malcolm Miles, Krzysztof Nawratek, Nell Quest, Jennie Savage, Aparna Sharma, Zoe Skoulding, Bas Spierings.