'a circle'

buildings become narratives narratives become buildings

Jennie Savage / James Tyson November 2010

A CIRCLE from jennie savage on Vimeo.


This animated short film takes you on a journey through a global city. A city of architectural objects which function as machines for the industry of the twenty-first century: processing capital. a circle looks into the gaps to discover a human presence reflected in its surface and explores the potential of collapse as a metaphor for questioning what it means to be human; to live within this machine. Voices, reflections and dialogues provide a soundtrack in response to spaces which are conceived visually and rationalised scientifically to maximise consumption- yet are presented as a kind of utopia.

'a circle' was made as a collaboration with James Tyson (theater director/ writer) as a result of an ongoing exchange regarding the surface of cities in relation to a human life. We began working with the phrase buildings become narratives narratives become buildings, developing an animated film and script from this starting point.

The film is 20 minutes long and features the voices of Sharon Morgan, John Rowley, Caroline Sabin, James Long, Maiko Bae Yamamoto, Susan Leblanc-Crawford, Alex McLean and Ben Stone.

The peice was commissioned by Chapter Art Centre, Cardiff and shown there as an audio visual installation in November 2010. 'A Circle' has also been shown as part of TAGTAS 2011 (Trans-Avant-Garde Theatre Association) as part of a series of performances, talks, symposia between groups across Japan at the Morishita Studios, Tokyo and at Spike Island, Bristol, as part of the exhibition 'Maelfa' by Sean Edwards. It has also been shown at the Seoul Marginal Theater Festival (http://blog.naver.com/mtfestival ) and in Manchester as part of a project organised by Micheal Mayhew.

There is a limited edition print of this film available to buy at £40 email to order a copy.