Audio Tour to Aberbeeg

South Wales, 2004


In September 2004 I was invited by Emma Price of CBAT to the village of Aberbeeg to make a project. The Village was typical of the post industrial Welsh Valley's, there was no village shop, no local social infrastructure and very few social spaces. The spaces that were there were the church, a bus shelter and the doctors surgery. The bus out of the village cost £2.30, alot to pay for a loaf of bread whoever you are, but crippling if you are out of work.

The project I was commissioned to make was very short, and my main concern was what could I do here that could effect change, if only in a small way to, make a space for people to meet and talk about the village.

Over the few weeks that I was resident there I produced an audio guide to Aberbeeg working with people local to the village. The audio guide was alright, a fairly historical document which sought to give a little much needed closure to the village chronicling the locations and closures of, pits, railways, shops, pubs, brewery to ghost town.

However the real success of the project was the ‘Aberbeeg Walking Club’. A group of people who decided to meet each week and go walking in the hills around the village. Now that the mines have shut the trees have grown back and the river is no longer polluted.


Project © Jennie Savage 2004