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Foreword: Peter Finch

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Depending On Time is situated in a changing landscape during the period of time it takes to construct a new shopping centre. The book takes this period of change as its subject and draws out the narratives, the expectations, the aspirations and the criticism that local people have in the run up to its completion. Through transcribed conversations with small businesses, shoppers, local historians, architects, town planners and developers the book maps the anatomy of the development and traces a the trajectory of consumer culture from the city’s Victorian and Edwardian arcades through to the monolithic mall. Crucially asking the question:

Who are cities for?

The book is based on transcriptions from ‘The Museum Of The Moment’, an audio documentary and guided walk. It describes the state of the city of Cardiff at the moment of making the project, both within the context and the concept of its history. Its subject is specific to its locale, but also the generic idea of the global city on a trajectory of consumer culture. The transcripts from the audio walk are documented within the book alongside a response: using images, notes and excerpts from Dr. Andrew’ Cochrane’s research. Part psycho geographic inquiry, part document, part drift the book does not offer an analysis of city centre regeneration more a topography of perspectives allowing the reader to eavesdrop in on the conversations had around a building site.

Depending on time is an artist book designed and made by Jennie Savage, featuring original artwork it includes a CD of the ‘Museum Of The Moment’ audio documentary and a 20 minute film, “A Million Moments’.

Essays by Dr. Andrew Cochrane and Dr. Bas Spierings. Forward by Peter Finch.


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