The Mapping Projects:

Cycle Trajectory map, August 04


I have been working with maps, mapping processes and topographical layers of information in various forms through many of my recent projects, working either with mapping time and place or specific phenomena occurring on a geographic location. This interest in mapping has long been a part of my practice- in fact my degree show was a mapping project- lately my re- interest in the process has come form an evaluation of the Anecdotal City project, where I essentially mapped the city through its stories and scarchive which mapped the body through its scars. Both of these works were archival and sought to make physical links using ephemeral information- adding another layer to place.

In February 2004 I ran a "Mapping" workshop in my studio space. The aim of this weekend was to discuss the different perameters of mapping, particularly in relation to a social topography. I invited 12 people to the workshop, all of whom were working with a facet of this of this notion. This project has now been published by Wales Arts International- if you would like a copy email me through this site. To read the texts and find out more click HERE


In January 04 I ran a project with Religion and Philosophy students at the University of Wales (organised by James Heggarty) where I invited students to take me on a walk guided by their stories of the city. The project ended with the students drawing a map of our day’s walk and writing the stories as they remembered them. This project started me thinking about the links between the physical place and its disregard for these micro events which happen leaving the surface of the city un scarred- a well worn path re: Situationists, psycho-geography etc. However I was particularly interested in this process in relation to the idea of documentary and, my belief that documentary- film and photography- affirms only the perameters of the discourse rather than the relationship with "real" life- however you define that.

This summer I have been developing new work in response to the idea of mapping and in relation to "documents" and the idea of the mechanics of a truth and its representation. This has resulted in several new works, the cycle trajectory- (shown above and as link and also published in the Mapping publication) this project simply maps my bike journeys across the city. I was interested in the idea of mapping a temporal event on a physical site and also the idea of being active in the recording of a mapable event.