Out In The World

Quebec City, March 2006

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‘Out in the world’ was developed and presented during a 3 month residency at Méduse in Québec City (Jan-March 06).

During the course of the residency I continued to explore notions relating to perception, locality and place. This project focuses on the nature of being in a place and, of being a human in a foreign territory; how one negotiates and understands a new place through personal experience, memory and association, whilst dealing with the chasm between perceiving ‘of’ that place and the physicality of being there; the difference between being a voyeur and, ‘out in the world’.

My studio at Méduse had  a panoramic view of the city. During my stay the average temperature was, VERY COLD, and I spent much of my time looking out over the city trying to figure out if it was too cold to go outside. The more I looked out at the view the more I became fascinated by the micro scenarios which played out before me. “Out In The World” is, essentially a sound track to the window, which explores the mechanics of the view. The project was shown as an installation in my studio, people were invited to sit at the window and look out at the view and listen to the sound track. The sound track comprises of documentary sound, collected from the city, with a narration recorded in the space. The viewer is asked to be in two places at once- projecting themselves onto the city, imagining the places I describe, whilst, clearly hearing something narrated from the place in which they are sitting.

I recorded the original sound track in French. I have an outsiders (and dodgy) accent and this sought to further dis – locate the viewer. Also culturally it was significant to make the recording, myself, in French.

The project also exists as a sound track with slide dissolve which can be shown as a gallery based installation.

Many thanks to: Avatar for hosting me at Méduse and providing great technical and practical support also to Méduse . To Ceri, Elena and Chris at Wales Arts International for organising and facilitating the residency and for their financial support. Lastly to Jenny Rimbault who made a great job of the translation.


Project © Jennie Savage 2006