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Route > SHARE was an event which invited cyclists to map trouble spots they they noticed as they cycle around the city. The aim of the project was to give cyclists a voice and was inspired by recent press coverage which demonises cyclists for bad practice but fails to note the fault of town planners who push cyclists into badly planned cycle routes and dangerous situations.

The event was held on Sunday 16th July (o6). Two notice boards were put up in the centre of Cardiff, the first "Index" invited people to talk about these danger spots. They were marked on the map and an index note was written outlining the problem. The second part of the project invited people to draw their route to work. Everyone got a badge.

About 60 people took part in the event. What was interesting was that although alot of different places were noted the situations in which people felt threatened nearly all involving turning right at junctions and cycling in places (like under bridges) where the road narrows and the cyclist feels 'pinched' by the traffic. Cycle paths were another big issue. Specific cycle paths like the Taff Trail were really well used an aprieciated, however the orange stripes down the side of the road were felt to be more dangerous than having nothing at all. This is also my own experience and it was interesting to note that personal feelings were experienced by the many.

In response to this event Nic Canham decided to go ahead with ideas he had to start a cardiff cycle initiative. They are going to use the Route Share data as part of their campaign. to get involved


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