..Sounding City travelled to festivals across Bristol. We asked people what makes the city tick and who lives here...


This 'content' was complied as a book. I gave it to local musicians with the invitation to write a song inspired by its pages.


The Sounding City book can be read here.

The Musicians had three weeks to write a song. In the meantime I worked with students at U.W.E and the Architecture Centre to make a Sounding City stage.


The bands performed live as part of the Architecture Centres 20th anniversary, singing songs from the city.

The Bands are listed here.


Here is some text about the project.


sounding city

The project will be distilled onto a pressed record which I would like to present as musical map of the city.

The record will be shown and playable at the Architecture Centre from November 25th, when a sound cloud album of the work will also be launched. There will be an exhibition of the project including illustrations from the live event by artist Nic Finch.

'One starts with full consciousness of the abstract in order to arrive at the concrete'

Lefebvre, Rhythmanalysis




The project was commissioned by The Architecture Centre, Bristol as part of their 'Our Place' programme.

With huge thanks to all of the musicians for giving a song, the hard working, brilliant students from UWE (and the UWE team) for making the stage happen, Amy Harrison & Jodie Marks, Hogge and also to The Arnolfini & Helen Davies.