Image 'Walking As Method/ Walking As Practice'.


Academic work


Current: Associate lecturer Chelsea College of Art, Ba Fine Art.

Statement:I have taught regularly on Ba and Ma courses for the last 15 years and see my teaching practice developing in tandem with my own work of which there is much cross over in style and content; setting up projects which become a catalyst or frame for students to develop within.

In the last year I have run workshops at The Slade, delivered electives on Theory & Context at Chelsea College of Art (since 2009), delivered a spatial practice strand on the M.Arch at AUB.(Since 2014)

My responsibilities have ranged from delivering lectures, workshops, tutorials and seminars to marking students work, developing timetables and teaching structure, attending parity and course meetings. Through to setting up off site projects, negotiating with councils and private companies in order to facilitate 'real life' student projects.

As well as participating in the daily running of courses, working long term with students with a focus on site specificity and place, paying attention to developing skills around processing ideas, working collaboratively, thinking about professional practice, presentation of work for exhibition in gallery and non- gallery situations and documentation of projects and developing independent research.

The majority of my teaching experience has been on Fine Art BA and MA courses however in recent years I have become increasingly involved with the M.Arch at AUB and have found the challenge of teaching Architecture students new and re-vitalising of my teaching practice both in terms of developing work with M.Arch students and feeding into my work on Fine Art Courses with a greater sense of architectural and spatial practices.

I have worked at regularly at Cardiff Met/ UAL/ Plymouth/ Exeter/ and given guest lectures at Dartington/ UWE/ UAL/ MMU/ etc etc...


Recent Symposiums & Conferences:

>Rethinking Practice, Visual Arts South West December 2015

>Urban Methodologies UCL, May 2014

>Listening to Noise and Silence: Salome Voegelin. Lecture series in conjunction with book launch. LCC July 2010

>Keynote speaker, 'Sound Lab' PVA March 2010

> Presented 'Nutopia' at the Engage Conference 2009

>‘Society for European Philosophy conference’ Presenting and showing ‘The Museum of the Moment’.

> Sound Diaries, Oxford, June 4th

>Walking Workshop, Cardiff University, School of Social Sciences.

>"Society for European Philosophy conference", 27-29 August 2009, where I will pesent "The Arcades Project: A 3D Documentary"

Recent papers:

"Nutopia" is a symposium that I organised in April 2009 around town planning and architecture with a line up of international academics and artists presenting work. I am currently developing a book based on the symposium with Malcolm Miles at the university of Plymouth.

Cityscapers / Porosity Studio: Cardiff Chimera 2020 ~ presented a range of projects/ participated in discussion.


BosArts, Cornwall. Spoke about my work as part of an 'AN publication seminar series'

Futuresonic, Manchester, 2008 I was invited to present the STAR Radio project.



Partnerships: My work lends itself to working in academic partnerships and I have collaborated in the past with people from the School of Social Sciences at Cardiff University (Dr. Tom Hall and Dr. Brett Lashua) and also invited people to work with me on projects, John Punter, Adam Sharr and Elaine Davy all helped with the making of 'The Museum of the Moment.'