Your Eyes Are A Window - A Soundtrack To The Horizon

A temporary cinema for Swansea Bay, Locws International - October 2008



"Your Eyes are a Window - A Soundtrack for the Horizon" is a piece made in response to Swansea Bay, which seeks to explore the mirror we are faced with when looking out to sea: the timeless observation that when facing a volume of constantly moving water, we somehow face ourselves.

Through this project I sought to develop a strand of interest which I have been working with for several years which explores the relationship between listening to a narration and the act of looking - in effect the relationship between the gaze, looking at a place and its narrative or unseen 'reality'. The possibility of creating experiential documentaries; documents of a place which are completed by the viewer actually being in that place and experiencing it through their own eyes. (Rather than that view being authorised by a 'director' and the more fixed heirachical associations of that process.)

"Your eyes are a window' invited people to sit in a temporary 'cinema' space, looking out over the bay, and take time to contemplate the sea. This contemplation was focused by a soundtrack to the view, which I recorded on the beaches of Swansea and the Gower, mixing recordings of the sea with observations, notions and reflections by people on what draws them to stand and look out over the water.

Thanks very much to Locws International for their help and support in realising this project.





Project © Jennie Savage 2008