Co-design is a useful tool that empowers communities and enables individual participation. It can be used at scale to inform planning, policy, vision and strategy documents and to shape design outcomes.

It helps those with influence to understand a situation through the eyes of people involved.

Including co-design in change work and development projects is a way to ensure that community needs and aspirations inform and shape outcomes.

In short co-design can be a way to make change ‘with’ people, rather than doing it ‘to’ them.

      Co-design is a creative design practice. 

It requires creative tactics and approaches to engage people, work with children and young adults, and reach groups who face additional barriers to participation.

Creative approaches to co-design ensure a range of voices are heard. This can play an important role in improving outcomes and giving people a voice in changes that effect them.

Please do get in touch if you need some help to connect with communities.

I deliver bespoke workshops to enable local authorities, architects, planners and developers to establish better lines of communication with the communities they are working in.

I can mentor you or your organisation to support and  set up co-design projects or provide more general trainning around specific aspects of co-design.

These sessions can be delivered in person or online.

I also work in universities and deliver one off workshops or longer term programmes for undergraduate architecture and M.Arch students.

Drop me a line to talk about training.